Fruit Dove Press, a small independent press based in Neusaess, Germany, was founded in August 2012 to publish the work of poet and writer Stella Pierides.

Stella Pierides was born in Athens, Greece, and now divides her time between Neusaess, Germany and London, England. In her heart, she lives somewhere on the Aegean coast. She is married and has two adult daughters.

Stella trained as a psychotherapist and worked in London, UK, for many years. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors of The Haiku Foundation (THF) and manages the THF Per Diem: Daily Haiku feature.

Stella has had work published in numerous print and online journals and anthologies. She has co-edited and contributed to Even Paranoids Have Enemies (Routledge, 1998) and Beyond Madness (JKP, 2002). Recent books: The Heart and Its Reasons (Fruit Dove Press, 2014 – short stories), Feeding the Doves (Fruit Dove Press, 2013 – short stories and haibun), and In the Garden of Absence (Fruit Dove Press, 2012 – poetry) for which she received a Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award 2013 for books published in 2012.

Stella’s collection on the theme Haiku of the Senses appeared in the The Haiku Foundation’s Per Diem: Daily Haiku feature, March 2012, and can be viewed in the THF Per Diem Archive here.

Amnesty International featured her blog post written for Blog Action Day 2013 Human Rights and Wrongs in their online blog Livewire

Stella enjoys walking around the Bavarian lakes and rivers, the Swabian flatlands, or strolling on the North Norfolk coast and along the Thames.

Member of English PEN, the Haiku Society of America, and the British Haiku Society. The link to Stella’s entry on the The Haiku Foundation‘s Haiku Registry site is here

Other places for her work:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stella.pierides


Stella’s Stoneshttp://stellasstones.tumblr.com

Haiku Matters: and here


Diogen, Sept 2012, http://diogen.weebly.com/uploads/4/6/8/8/4688084/stella_pierides_germany_united_kingdom.pdf


Stella blogs at http://stellapierides.com and tweets at http://Twitter.com/stellapierides

Our editions are available as both print and eBooks.

For review copies: Please email us to let us know what you would like to review, and where you plan to publish.

Verlagsnummer: 978-3-944155

Email contact: admin@fruitdovepress.com

Thank you for visiting.


The fruit doves are a genus in the pigeon and dove family. These beautiful, colourful doves are found in forests and woodlands in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

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